for all those people who think cas is a naturally submissive waif of a being

dat boy tho

I remember watching this and my jaw just dropping because if i was Sam i would have taken a few steps back because that is actually kinda scary

Why do I get the feeling John would react the exact same if Dean ever said anything to him?

In other news I would have loved to see how many times they had to shoot this because Jared was being a goof about being called ‘boy’.

Castiel is a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent. Don’t ever step to him.




One of my favorite things about this episode was how embarrassed Dean gets when Cas catches a glimpse of the “Busty Asian Beauties” website pulled up on his laptop.

Because it’s the scenes like this - Dean being uncomfortable with Cas watching him sleep, Dean being uncomfortable when Cas sees his porn - that show us that what Dean feels for Cas is galaxies away from being the same sort of brotherly affection he has for Sam.

Dean has no qualms sleeping in front of Sam, whether in the Impala or in a motel room.  Dean has no problem trading dirty jokes with Sam or giving him skin mags for Christmas. 

But here, Dean covers the laptop with his hand so Cas can’t see.  It’s the extreme mortification of anyone who’s had their crush find the centerfold on his display in their room, or the stack of Playboys under the bed. 

But more than that, this scene shows that Dean still doesn’t want to think of Cas in a sexual way.  Because of course Dean remembers what happened the last time Cas watched porn - he got a boner and then made out with Meg.  And here’s Cas, and there’s porn.  And he and Dean are aloooooooooooone

But why does Dean want to keep himself from thinking of Cas that way?  It probably comes down to the simple fact that Dean still thinks of Cas as an angel.  And, as I have read speculated in several metas, Dean might fear that if he approaches Cas in a sexual manner, Cas will leave - he uses sexual references like “Blow me, Cas!” and “Last time…I got laid” to push Cas away in late season five.   

And more than that - Dean covering the laptop is also an attempt to shield Cas.  Even after all the wars Cas has fought and all the blood Cas had spilled, Dean still wants to think of Cas as an innocent, which is where all those “baby in a trenchcoat” jokes came from in season six.  







Musey I’m 1000000% done with you and your stupid tags.

Supernatural: Ripping out your heart violently over and over, yet still making you come back for more. 

I went from smiling to crying



Dean and Friends: Charlie Bradbury
8x11 „LARP and the Real Girl“/ 8x20 „Pacman Fever“
9x04 „Slumber Party“

Let’s talk about Dean and Charlie. Let’s talk about how the quirky nerdy girl, the Queen of Moondor, the little sister Dean never wanted, but grew to love nontheless, has so much in common with the older Winchester. Let’s talk about how they’ve become pretty close friends even though they only met one another a handful of times. Let’s talk about how one could say that in a lot of ways she can be seen as Dean’s positive female mirror. And it not only shows in how in many episodes they are both dressed in the same colour palette, but also in their character traits, what they love and what they are good at.

Let’s talk about how Charlie and Dean share a tragic backstory. Losing their loved ones early in life and to this day feeling guilty about it, being haunted by it, being unable to let go. Let’s talk about how they both mask their true feelings with quirkiness at times and let only a few, special people, in, who they are comfortable with sharing their deepest fears and hopes. In Dean’s and Charlie’s case they both lived each other’s nightmare, gotten to know each others deepest fears and it made them grow closer.

But what connects them as well isn’t the tragedy, but their shared passion for all things youth- and playful: comics, LARPing, movies, pop culture, fighting the good fight and adventure.

Let’s talk about how they both are good with technics. Whereas Charlie is a genious when it comes to all things computer, Dean built an EMF meter out of an old walkman. Let’s talk about how they understand without words when it comes to strategy in battles (or think of a pron star rather than a poison), how both of them like to dress up and pretend to matter, to be heroes. Let’s talk about how neither of them sees themselves as heroes, but see it in one another.

Let’s talk about “What about you, did you break up with someone too?”. Let’s talk about "There is pretty much nothing the Winchesters can’t do if they work together". Let’s talk about "What about Castiel, he seems dreamy". Let’s talk about all of that and more and then let’s talk about one of their most wonderful exchanges (relating to their shared excitement over pop culture and movies and how this exchange has something so innocent and pure an). Let’s talk about theme playing up to Han Solo and Princess Leia’s dialogue in “The Empire Strikes Back”. Let’s talk about "I love you" / "I know".